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The Book of Darkness & Light  

by Adam Z. Robinson


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£8.99 - free P&P in the UK 

(RRP £9.99)

Three chilling tales.

Two ghostly performers.

One thrilling night.

Legend has it that many years ago a book of terrifying tales was found. Now, you are invited to discover the secrets of The Book of Darkness & Light. Three ghostly stories to delight and horrify await the curious. But be warned, once the pages of the book have been opened... anything could happen.

“...three spine-tingling tales of ghostly madness.”

- The Culture Vulture

“...the music heightens the suspense in the room as

Robinson draws the audience into his narrative web.”

- StageTalk Magazine


Please allow up to a month for delivery.

SHIVERS by Adam Z. Robinson


Own the play text! £8.99 - free P&P in the UK

 (RRP £9.99)


A trio of delightfully thrilling ghost stories


The Book of Darkness & Light contains within it some of the most chilling tales ever told. Supernatural mysteries stir from its pages. You feel a prickle on your neck. Your blood stills. A monstrous thing creeps in the shadows. Is it all in your mind? A trick of the light? Or something far more sinister? One thing is for certain: these stories will give you shivers. 


A co-production between Harrogate Theatre, Square Chapel Arts Centre and LittleMighty.

"I adored Shivers." - The Scan ★★★★★

"A must-see production." - Northern Soul ★★★★★
"Kept me enthralled from the very beginning... Shivers is delightfully sinister fun." - British Theatre Guide


Please allow up to a month for delivery.



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